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All Rights Reserved. Todd was so welcoming and informative about the silkies. silkie cockerels for sale! Can send more pics of parent group and individual chick pics. Great at putting the hens away at night! Handled daily so they are all very friendly. All Skin Type Great Hale, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, Goldtop. This advert is located in and around Ilford, Essex. 6 X PURE USA BLUE SPLASH/BLUE SILKIE HATCHING EGGS. Healthy friendly birds but i cannot keep a cockerel here so i have to sell them. From Clinique website: featured. Mixed colours 14 days ago. Unsexed Silkie x Maran looking for a new home, 10 weeks old due to unforeseen circumstances. Holbeach, Lincolnshire, Born in July this year lovely true miniature buff cockerel not bantam or large foul, This advert is located in and around I run a small family poultry business with my husband Dave selling point of lay fully vaccinated chickens. My girls are white, lemon and golden. This advert is located in and around 3xPure silkie bantam chicks for sale from a mixed coloured group. featured. This advert is located in and around A long with the pet chick I can also add bedding... Fluffy Silkie Cockerels in need of new homes . Please contact for availability and further information. Around 15 weeks old. I have 4 silkie chicks left 3 black & 1 blue. Chicken & Poultry Suppliers in Lincolnshire Paddock Farm Poultry. Girls £40 each no offers Pick up caenby corner ... Poultry Buying Checklist. PA - Silkie and Frizzle Chicks Blue, black, and brown silkie chicks $6 each 1 pair of frizzle chickens $20 about 6 months old Daniel Stoltzfus Jr Call 717 925 6211 KY - For Sale - Silkie Chicks For Sale Beautiful Silkie Chicks in a variety of colors - white, splash, partridge, black...Email Only selling due to having 3 roosters in the flock now! Silkie is a breed of chicken named for its atypically fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk and satin. Find Chickens for sale, for rehoming and for adoption from reputable breeders or connect for free with eager buyers in Lincolnshire at, the pet classifieds. Hand reared unfortunately can not keep in new location, You have already created alerts for Silkie, We give a % of our income plus FREE advertising to our chosen charities. ... £5 . We have some really lovely chickens available. These bantam chickens are gentle, quieter than most, docile and like people. Male silkie chicken . Lovely coloured male Silkie chicken, free to good home, gets on well with other boys and girl's. only reason for sale is that I can't keep anymore males. Free Lovely male silkie looking for girls of his own. Copyright 1997 – 2019 Moo Limited. This advert is located in and around Spalding, Lincolnshire. Lovely boys, outside and off heat I have silkie girls 2 x paint and one dark grey . Looking to rehome my silkie cockeral due to having too many. Please click on the icon to view our Facebook Page Hi, my name is Pam and welcome to my website. At the moment they are all still nesting with the hen and free ranging in the garden so it is difficult to put them aside as reserved. These fluffy chickens are cute! Various colours. Cockerel and his 3 girls looking for new home. Ones from a beard silkie. naked neck cross pekin/silkie cockerels for sale! Stunning Male silkie, raised at home 12 weeks old, very friendly, enjoys a fuss! Hi I have silkie chickens and chicks for sale male and female from all ages. He is about 4 months old and would make lovely chicks. We hatched 4 chicks in June, there is a female nankin bantam, a female pekin bantam (black), a male pekin bantam, a silkie (pretty sure she is female! I would love him to go somewhere where he can free range. . Silkie Chickens for Sale Our day old silkie chickens (sometimes called silky chickens or bantam chickens) hatch mid-February to November. Silkie miniature and bantam hatching eggs £2 each can post or collection silkie chicks available £5 each. Unique Micro Bantam/silkie Cross Chicks (£8 Unsexed) Spilsby, Lincs. Mixed colours. 11 weeks old. Email Seller. Fertile silkie eggs for sale. They are around 13 weeks old. Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Sablepoots, Pekins & Silkies in various colours. Silkie fertile hatching eggs. 2 silkie cockerels. A page for Silkie fans, breeders, & enthusiasts to share information & discussions about Silkies. all our chickens are healthy and well raised by us. Inbox. ******PAINTED SILKIE CHICKS FOR SALE******. £50 For Sale Chickens for rehoming. This advert is located in and around We hatched 4 chicks in June, there is a female nankin bantam, a female pekin bantam (black), a male pekin bantam, a silkie (pretty sure she is female! This years hatch not yet rooing Chickens for sale include pekins, brahmas, silkies, legbars, point of lay white star / silver highline / lohmann, ducks, geese. Nine months old, stunning pure breed. Started by crosser. Gorgeous Silkie/Polish bantam rooster cockerel, Gorgeous little man looking for his own girls. It is thought that they originated in India, China or Japan and they arrived in Europe around 200 years ago where they were sold as crosses between rabbits and chickens! We ordered a mix of silkies to get a variety of colors. Loads different colours, This advert is located in and around Please make sure you have printed and read this checklist fully. 7 FA. They have the “awwwww” factor, so if you are looking for a pet chicken, get yourself a Silkie. Brand new - unopened and unused. They have a vitamin boost every now and then. Approx. Free to a good home :), You are currently on search results page 1 of 4, We'd love your help to develop Preloved in the direction that, you, our incredible members want…. Preloved supports a number of accesskeys to help you navigate our website, they are as follows: Preloved and the heart device is a registered trademark of Moo Limited. Lincolnshire Pure Breed Poultry and Waterfowl. Can go apart, silkie chicks Started by ballingall. Chicken and Poultry Breeders in Lincolnshire... Outgate Poultry Chicken Breeds: A wide variety of Modern Hybrid Hens. The most unusual feature is the texture of their feathers which is almost fur-like in appearance and soft to the touch like hair. Unsexed. One silkie cockerel, one brown hen silkie, 4 reds, 1 cream legbar, 1 cock lavender and 1 miliflower hen. Good homes wanted ready to give you lots of chickos in the springtime!! Point of Lay £25 to £ ... Grantham, Lincolnshire. Silkie chicks are fragile, so overall, we were very pleased with the results. 1 black cockerel also available. Breeds: 12 types of Hybrid Pullets Bantam Pekins Silkies Naked Necks Serama Modern Game Light Sussex Rhode Island Red Pure Silkie Chicks. Serama Banty Chickens for sale 45.00 a pair several pairs to choose from! Various For Sale Silkie chicken miniature bantam hatching eggs,chicks & Hens. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Silkie Cockerels,white,partridge and gold.Surplus to requirements! £5 each. Pure silkie bantam chicks for sale from a mixed coloured group. Unsexed and pure gold. These silkies where hatched in my first incubation over lockdown. PAIRS AND TRIOS ALSO AVAILABLE, PUREBRED FEMALE FANCY BREED CHICKS/ PULLETS. Buyer to choose when collecting. New Cl A ssifie d £25 Each For Sale Various chickens for sale. These all have been professionally vent sexed to ensure that you're raising females instead of unwanted cockerels. AVAILABLE IF YOU CAN STILL SEE THIS ADVERT I have an amazing range of days old - 22 Weeks old pullets ( Female chicken) available. Pekin chicks hatched 4/5 December £20 each or 3 for £45 Chocolate silkies hatched 20/11 £20 each or 3 for £45 Barbu'duccle hatch Age Age: 2 weeks; Ready to leave Ready to leave: in 6 … Lovely mixed coloured chicks as pictured They free range in the day time. We found 66 'silkies' for sale adverts for you in Lincolnshire, This advert is located in and around Phone to check on stock availability and to arrange a visit. Chickens hatched on 2nd October. They don't fight with each other and their crow isn't very loud. Here i have for sale a lovely male silkie he is looking for girls he can call his own.never had a problem with him just got to many males and sadly he has to find a new home. Report. . He is very sweet but lonely since my other silkie died. Eaton, Grantham, Lincs. Proven fertile as I currently have 12 eggs in our incubator at the minute. I am So happy with our experience and our chickens Thank you Todd and the Dunham Farm! She is groomed and kept well everyday and given pure love. Good broodie hens and mothers. Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Hatched 18th Oct, but will still need heat lamp depend were they are kept. Appenzeller x seramas Appenzeller... two silkie hens to go together very tame both laying eggs this years hatch £25 each, Silkie rooster one black with gold colour and one grey splash colour. Brahama X chickens for sale. Tumby Woodside, Lincolnshire, Looking to remove this beautiful male Silkie, 24 weeks old, This advert is located in and around They are all handled daily so very friendly. I am thinking silkie, but I am having touble finding quality breeders in … I have 2 beautiful silkie cockerals that are looking for a good home I bought 3 chicks in June but unfortunately they are all cockerals and I can only keep 1 as I only have 2 hens they are almost 4 month old lovely boys £15 each or 2 for £25, Hi I have 2 male silkies which I thought were girls but now they are maturing they want to be round some hens, Silkies brother and sister born 8 weeks ago. We are on the edge of the Lincolnshire wolds in the market town of Alford virtually opposite the five… Kennel hounds, dogs and all … Pure silkie bantam chicks for sale from a mixed coloured group. What It Does Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, Silkie chicks different colours available, This advert is located in and around Around 15 weeks old. also silkie fertile eggs £2 each chicks £7 each, Handsome young cockerel looking for own ladies, Silkie golden partridge mix 4 months old already active. Silkie cockerel is a pure... We have 4 silkie boys They have worm and mite treatments regularly and also a vitamin boost every now and... Hi I have a few White Silkie chicks available at $8 each or 3/$20. Your Recent Searches will appear here. Our #1 makeup remover in a silky balm formula. Omelette my cockerel is a handsome tri colour.. Brown, red and black. This advert is located in and around £10 Each For Sale silkie cockerels. Silkie Chickens and Chicks. Cockerels and hens available very cute fluffy ... TRIO OF GOLD SEBRIGHT BANTAMS. I set 24 eggs... hatched 24 chicks, which is, um, a lot to brood and add to my existing flock eventually. Preloved, The Joy of Second Hand, Preloved People and The Second Hander are trademarks of Moo Limited. She is a very healthy female chick, age of 2 months that is growing fast and in need of somewhere to live and be kept up to standards and be ready to lay fresh eggs. Member since May 2012 n/a n/a. Silkie cross light sussex bantam cross. Lovely chickens, friendly, good layers and sitters. £10 each, This advert is located in and around We have a pair of silkie unrelated 5 month old Black and Coloured Silkie Rooster available The breed has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot, whereas most chickens only have four. I have 12 mixed colour silkie chicks looking for a new home. Silkie Chickens. Cat Breeds Dog Breeds Pet Adoption Dog Adoption Post a pet ad. Replies: 9 Views: 3809 March 26, 2010, 09:08:14 pm by ballingall: Lovely bantam trio for sale / exchange for silkies. few chicks hatched, nothing more cheery than a fluffy bundle of feathers to keep you happy over the winter months. © Copyright 2020 Freeads Classifieds Limited. This advert is located in and around He has a beautiful selection that are well maintained and cared for. Gorgeous friendly White silkie cockerels Report. Report. Log in to see your followed searches. Pets Pets. Pure White Silkie Cockerels with blue lobes all up to 8 months old. Replies: 28 Views: 6691 Due to their age we're not sure which are cockerels and which hens. Mild natured, used to human contact and free ranging. All under 2 weeks old and needing heat. This advert is located in and around Painted silkie eggs: £2 each, £11 1/2 dozen or £20 a dozen White silkies £1.50 each £8 1/2 dozen or £15 a dozen Black silkies £1... He helped me and my kids pick out the perfect additions to our chicken family. Lovely birds, off heat. Near Cleobury Mortimer. Collection St Albans £10 each, Pair of white silkies unrelated price is for the pair one male one female 12 months old. Breeding exhibition stock since 1998, achieving showing success at National level. Used to being handled. £10 . Bantam Silkies are also known for their gentle nature and nurturing toward their chicks. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Preloved, of your Preloved account and return to the homepage, Use this button to open and close the breadcrumb list, Navigate to the sub-categories of Home and Family, Navigate to the sub-categories of Horses and Livestock, Navigate to the sub-categories of Clothing and Jewellery, Navigate to the sub-categories of Furniture and Fittings, Navigate to the sub-categories of Health and Leisure, Navigate to the sub-categories of Health and Beauty, Display the search results in a grid layout, Display the search results in a list layout, This advert has no user uploaded images or videos, Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm 125ml, USA BLUE / BLUE SPLASH SILKIE HATCHING EGGS, You are currently on search results page 1 of 4. Can deliver if necessary. Find free Silkie, for rehoming and for adoption from reputable breeders or connect for free with eager buyers in Lincolnshire at, the pet classifieds. Fragile chicks. HENS AND COCKERELS AVAILABLE, GOLD/BLUE/WHITE POINT OF LAY SILKIE BEARDED AND NON BEARDED SILKIES FOR SALE Find Silkie for sale, for rehoming and for adoption from reputable breeders or connect for free with eager buyers in Lincolnshire at, the pet classifieds. By the time we had finished brooding, we were left with two blacks, two splash, and nine whites. We only have a couple left now. Full details of Poultry Breeder Lincolnshire Pure Breed Poultry … ... Lincolnshire. 24 hours ago. Small numbers of mostly breeding stock available. 11K likes. SEARCH. Please email or... We have five, 8 week old silkie chicks. What It Is Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. I have a five month old white Silkie. He is very friendly and enjoys his littlw treats, Polish x/silkie x/serama x/pekin/hens/males. call , Eddyville New York Pets and Animals View pictures. Ideal garden birds. urgent. Silkie hens. 5 days ago. All pure bred from top quality stock. Spilsby, Lincolnshire. See picture of the mother with the chicks and father can also been seen on collection. Currently free range. We have appenzeller x's. ... Poultry for Sale Rabbits for Sale Rodents for Sale. He is free to a good home. I … Looking for new homes, 3 x unsexed Silkie chicks Near Honiton Devon. Sleaford, Lincs. This advert is located in and around 4 Silkie Growers available I have 2x white silkie cockerels and 2x paint silkie cockerels. I have 2x white silkie cockerels and 2x paint silkie cockerels. Spilsby, Lincolnshire. This years hatching . One white one brown/grey. Halesowen, Dudley. Americanlisted has classifieds in Eddyville, New York for dogs and cats. You can choose yourself on collection. They are all healthy and well raised. I can't guarantee fertility due to mother nature but I currently have 14 eggs in my incubator all candled fertile. Despite their fragile nature, all of the silkie chicks … A Silkie is the ultimate in kids' chickens. You can see our bantams and silkie chickens for sale, buy chickens online and get UK delivery of our professionally reared and vaccinated birds. silkie cockerels for sale! Collection from Dn7. This advert is located in and around Gedney, Lincolnshire. Pure Silkie Chicks. POINT OF LAY SILKIES FOR SALE. Right now I have around 65 netherland dwarf rabbits, and show in ARBA. Selling behalf of my brother Have fathered some beautiful chicks this year but its with a heavy heart that I can no longer keep them. urgent. £12 each and £1 for each additional week... Silky and polish cross eggs available for hatching. £5 . He has been in our flock of 12 since 8 weeks. Share. Spalding, Lincolnshire. Member since Oct 2013 n/a n/a. Collection from DN7, Fertile White Silkie hatching eggs chicken, Fresh Fertile Silkie hatching eggs from our 3 gorgeous girls and Elvis our Silkie Cockerel. Also have Silver Laced Wyandot Cockerels and a few Perkins. Every colour in this group I have... . The #1 free pet classifieds site to buy, sell and rehome Chickens and other Poultry near me. Very friendly but don't that much about them and was told one was a hen and one was a cockerel but they are both boys and we have no hens for them. An ancient breed of chicken, the Bantam Silkie is an unusual variety of chicken. £25 each or a deal for the lot. A friend give him some 6 silkie hatching eggs but had one space left so he add one of his chicken egg in 24 hours ago. Silkie cockerel roughly 6 months old looking for a new home. As pet lovers ourselves, we want the highest standards of welfare for the animals we help to rehome. Mansfield, Notts, Trio of young silkies for sale ten to eleven weeks old 2 females and a cock, This advert is located in and around Must go ASAP, 1 x gold This advert is located in and around Kettering, County. Due to unforeseen circumstances we are looking to rehome our lovely silkie cross cockeril. MENU. Would make a brilliant addition to anyones stock! I have 3 silkix chickens ( i was told silki x but not so sure) free to good home must collect, approx 3 months old . 8 weeks old UNSEXED Pipinchick Poultry are a leading supplier of rare and pure breed poultry in the UK. Painted silkies chicks approximately 3/4 months old £15 For a cockerel £30 For hens. They have blue ears like they normally do. Find Chickens for sale in Newark via Pets4Homes. Lovely temperaments very friendly . Started by jward. Used to dogs and children. ... Chicken House For Sale. They are a lightweight chicken with a broad, stout looking body which is covered in fine fluffy feathers. Brahama X chickens for sale Brahama X chickens for sale. I was looking for a nice small breed that are calm. beautiful birds! Very friendly and tame. Every colour in this group I have... . I have blue, black, gold, partridge, cuckoo, white and mixed colours all running together Really interested in starting and raising chickens again. They are 5 days old so will need heat for at least another 6 weeks. Lightweight makeup... naked neck cross pekin/silkie cockerels for sale. Lincolnshire, Unsexed silky chicks £10 Pretty mixed colours from orange to black and blue mix. Silkie booted bantom mixed He is such a beautiful bird 13wks Black silkie dad with underlying blue and lemon millifleur booted bantom mum He is gonna . Email Seller. only reason for sale is that I can't keep anymore males. Silkies for Sale- Located Central Scotland. Can send more pics of parent group and individual chick pics. There are no previous pages, Go to the next search results page: page 2 of 4. Urgently looking for a new home! £2 each Can post... Beautiful Satin Silkie Cockerel "Stella". They are unsexed. Two available. Silkie cockerel roughly 5 months old after a new home. Who It's For Point of lay. Homepage for Peters Poultry - based in Epworth, North Lincolnshire, between Doncaster and Scunthorpe. 4 days old and unsexed. Pure Breed. ... Poultry for Sale Rabbits for Sale Rodents for Sale. Report. £10 each £25 the 3, For sale pure silkie chicks from my own birds for sale, Serama Banty Chickens, smallest chickens in the world, show quality, 45,00 a pai. Hand reared and very friendly. Beautiful looking males. They are very happy chickens. Unique Hen's, chickens, chick's (ALMOST GONE). Share. Silkie cockeral Black underlying blue dad /pure white mum Beautiful temprement just like his daddy that looks after all his girls 14cweeks old gonna be a stunner just needs a good home £5 Metheringham ln4 3 P. S his dad has given us lilac blue lavender white and black grey chicks £20 ... White, Black and Brown Painted Paint Silkie Chicks. The origin of the Silkie hen is uncertain although they have been around for several hundred years. beautiful birds! Before contacting or visiting the advertiser for this Chickens. 1 x white Can send more pics of parent group and individual chick pics. £50 For Sale Chickens for rehoming. If you need a Silkie Dunham Farm is your place! Near Haverfordwest. Delivery available for an additional cost around Nottingham. Boston, Lincolnshire. Collection or £3 p&p they are unsexed 1 weeks old need heat. free This advert is located in and around Gedney, Lincolnshire. Rehoming due to needing to reduce my cockerel numbers in my flock. Replies: 0 Views: 845 January 27, 2014, 03:08:07 pm by jward: house in lincolnshire for sale. beautiful birds! They are unsexed. Other Pages.

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