sentences with unless examples

Leo at once announced that he would excommunicate the king of France and release his subjects from their allegiance unless Francis laid down his arms and surrendered Parma and Piacenza. Please note that the remaining amount cannot be paid unless you replace the broken pieces. The lines through them should be, if possible, straight and on the level; the British Board of Trade forbids them being placed on a gradient steeper than i in 260, unless it is unavoidable. )), and are arranged in descending or ascending powers of x. "If you don't save some money, you can't go on vacation." said Napoleon, evidently uttering these words as a direct challenge to the Emperor. He then told her the Parkside Police Department would close the investigation from this end unless something new came to light. With infinite tact and admirable self-denial he gave free scope to ministers whose superiority in their various departments he frankly recognized, rarely interfering personally unless absolutely called upon to do so. The vegetation is everywhere most scanty, and scarcely anything deserving the name of a tree is to be found unless in the more sheltered spots, and then artificially planted. The property qualification of state senators and the restriction of suffrage to those who have paid county or poll taxes are abolished; but suffrage is limited to male adults who can read the state constitution in English, and can write their names, unless physically disqualified, and who have registered. I shall not attend the party unless I am invited. The distinction seems to be that if the destruction be permanent, though partial, the failure of the subject let will give relief by entitling the tenant to renounce the lease, unless a deduction shall be allowed, but that if it be merely temporary or occasional, it will not entitle the tenant to relief " (Bell's Prin. xvi. Here are some examples. The weak parts of this story are the sudden and unexplained departure of the Simons; the subsequent useless cruelty of treating the child like a wild beast and keeping him in a dark room practically out of sight (unless any doubt of his identity was possible), while his sister was in comparative comfort; the cause of death, declared to be of long standing, but in fact developed with such rapidity; the insufficient excuse provided for the child's muteness under Gomin's regime (he had answered Barras) and the irregularities in the formalities in attending the death and the funeral, when a simple identification of the body by Marie Therese would have prevented any question of resuscitated dauphins. Unless there was something wrong with it. "You will feel cold unless you wear a coat." There is no hope for him unless you help him. It is not possible to do anything better with two-cylinder locomotives unless bobweights be added, but with four-cylinder four-crank engines complete balance is possible both in the vertical and in the horizontal directions. Well concealed in skilfully constructed entrenchments that were excavated on terrain overlooking the invader's lines, the Turkish contingents holding the different fronts could fairly calculate upon beating off any hostile attack unless their adversaries should be heavily reinforced. One cannot succeed unless one works hard. In other cases a most intricate arrangement of secondary tissue masses is produced, quite impossible to interpret unless all stages of their development have been followed. How to Use UNLESS: Useful Definition & Examples - 7 E S L. How to Use UNLESS. Of the very numerous works of Favorinus, we possess only a few fragments (unless the KopcvOcaKOs Xoryos attributed to his tutor Dio Chrysostom is by him), preserved by Aulus Gellius, Diogenes Laertius, Philostratus, and SuIdas, the second of whom borrows from his HavroSairrt iiropca (miscellaneous history) and his 'Airo,uvmuovEUµara (memoirs). Heat sensors haven't located any body heat unless they're below ground level. There's no other history, unless they're at it again and trying to use Jonny to try to get to me. The success of procryptic coloration depends, however, very largely upon stillness, and the instinct to keep stationary without moving a limb is a marked characteristic of all spiders unless engaged in hunting or fleeing from imminent danger. Young foxes can be tamed to a certain extent, and do not then emit the well-known odour to any great degree unless excited. The vast majority of these conjunctions can be used both at the beginning and in the middle of the sentence. We cannot hope for success in life unless we are in good health. She hadn't cried in years, unless it was out of pain from a particularly bad beating. and museum of morbid anatomy, and was fusing these gains in the laboratory so as to claim for itself, as a special branch of science by virtue of peculiar concepts, its due place and provision - provision in the establishment of chairs and of special laboratories for its chemical and biological subdivisions - clinical medicine, by the formal provision of disciplinary classes, was illustrating the truth of the experience that teaching and research must go hand-in-hand, the one reinforcing the other: that no teacher can be efficient unless he be engaged in research also; nay, that for the most part even the investigator needs the encouragement of disciples. Members of the Senate and House of Representatives are elected for terms of two years; they must be residents of their respective counties or districts for one year preceding election, unless absent on public business of the state or of the United States. I won't pay if you don't provide the goods immediately. The values of x and y are different, unless V (qq o) = o. I'm, um, apparently unaffected by the…talents of other…guild guys, unless they're, like, really old. I will not need to interfere, unless you reject all we've discussed when you leave. Unless you do something stupid like try to vamp her. ), is called Hiram; possibly - unless the notice is an anticipation of 1 Kings v. He knew from his English experiences that such a veto would be hardly ever used unless the king felt the people were on his side, and that if it were used unjustifiably the power of the purse possessed by the representatives of the people would, as in England in 1688, bring about a bloodless revolution. Payment by a third person to the creditor is no discharge of a debt, as a general rule, unless the debtor subsequently ratifies the payment. I cannot open the box unless you give me the key. I shall not spare him unless he requests for an apology. Guncotton in an air-dry state, whether in the original form or after grinding to pulp and compressing, burns with very great rapidity but does not detonate unless confined. If you don't study dilligently, you'll never understand trigonometry. In their coarsest forms such striae are readily visible to the unaided eye, but finer ones escape detection unless special means are taken for rendering them visible; such special means conveniently take the form of an apparatus for examining the glass in a beam of parallel light, when the striae scatter the light and appear as either dark or bright lines according to the position of the eye. An Assyrian inscription mentions Ith`amara the Sabaean who paid tribute to Sargon in 715 B.C. 1) call himself and others " ministers of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God " unless the mysteries in question had been directly instituted by Christ. If he accused his master of a crime, unless the charge was of treason, he was burnt. Moreover, the splendid building is nearly always a unit; seldom, unless accidentally, a component part of a broad effect. Unless you were breeding them, what difference did it make? Unless you want to send me away," he added. This state of things is continually becoming worse and makes one fear that unless a prompt remedy is applied the troops will no longer be under control in case of an engagement. She wasn't going to reveal her secret unless she had to. No act takes effect until ninety days after its passage unless two-thirds of the members of each house specifically order otherwise. Unless, like her dream …I have to break it, too. the handing over of paten and chalice in ordination to the priesthood, are admittedly non-essential, unless we adopt the opinion of some Roman theologians that our Lord left the determination of matter and form to the church, which has insisted on different rites at different times. Change the voice He has not invited all his friends. Different species of organisms come to perfection in different climates; and it may be stated as a general rule that a species, whether of plant or animal, once established at one point, would spread over the whole zone of the climate congenial to it unless some barrier were interposed to its progress. But since this mystery is of such a nature that nobody can know or use it unless he be prepared by long and diligent self-purification, not everyone can hope to attain it quickly. Unless you'd like to take Sasha's place in my lab. It still didn't matter unless she wanted to please Alex – or Katie. You can’t accuse him of stealing unless you have proof. You will not pass unless you work harder. The arbitrators who are to determine this difference are, unless otherwise specially agreed, to be chosen from the general list of members in the following manner: - each party is to name two arbitrators, and these are to' choose a chief arbitrator or umpire (sur-arbitre). The cage is then lifted by the engine clear of the keeps, which are opened by a lever worked by hand, and the empty tubs start on the return trip. We agreed there'd be no more sessions unless all five of us were together. Frequently the year cannot be fixed with certainty, unless we know also the month and the day. CK 1 1025988 Tom doesn't need to go there unless he wants to. We can go in the car – unless you’d prefer to walk If the fishing operation is unsuccessful the well has to be abandoned, often after months of labour, unless it is found possible to drill past the tools which have been lost. The constitution provides that no person less than 60 years of age shall be permitted to vote unless he has paid an annual poll-tax of one dollar for the two years next preceding the year in which he offers to vote. "Unless you have more money than you're carrying in your backpack, I don't see you getting an apartment," he said, amused. In the other types of conditionals, we cannot use when instead of if.. 14.1), who never deviates without reason from the topographical order of his narrative, mentions the Enneacrunus in the midst of his description of certain buildings which were undoubtedly in the region of the Agora, and unless he is guilty of an unaccountable digression the Enneacrunus which he saw must have lain west of the Acropolis. You cannot be pardoned unless you confess your fault. " I can't go unless I find a ride. " Mortals can't come here unless they're dead. Somewhere, in actual life, the stress of craft and courage acting on the springs of human vice and weakness fails, unless the hero of the comedy or tragedy, Callimaco or Cesare, allows for the revolt of healthier instincts. He wouldn't think the worse, not unless Sofi confirmed it. More examples with unless. 31 Continued work at Samaria should reveal some trace of the civilization of Israel, which we know was considerable, unless the devastation of the Assyrian sieges has destroyed it all. "Unless he has a reason to," Xander pointed out. Example sentences with the word unless. I gave him a general overview and he picked the times, unless something hot was cooking. She'd been asked that question more than once while out and didn't understand it, unless it was some sort of odd Southern greeting. Plough the fallow in early spring, and plough frequently - twice in winter, twice in summer unless your land is poor, when a light ploughing in September will do. " " I'll be there unless something urgent comes up. " He cannot hear unless he uses a hearing-aid. No one could find Damian's HQ unless they were on the guest list, or one of his Guardians revealed its location. Sentences with verb möchten. The order of the clauses doesn't matter with sentences using unless. An agricultural tenant may not contract himself out of his statutory right to compensation, but " contracting out " is apparently not prohibited with regard to the right given him by the acts of 1883 and 1900 to remove fixtures which he has erected and for which he is not otherwise entitled to compensation, after reasonable notice to the landlord, unless the latter elects to purchase such fixtures at a valuation. To give his enemies a breathing space when they were hard pressed was an insane proceeding unless he meant to make peace. Don’t leave the restaurant until the dishes here are washed. I don't want you at our house again until after the wedding unless I'm with you. Unless this occurs, the development of the larvae is soon arrested. de Candolle, however, points out, exclusive reliance on this may be misleading unless we also take into account the character and affinities of the plants dealt with (Geogr. Not unless he's willing to make a deal with me. The unless list of example sentences with unless. He cannot be successful unless he is careful. We won’t get a table at the restaurant unless we get there early. Not too many people wish for a male horse... unless they want to use it as a stud. To the bison of the prairie it is a few inches of palatable grass, with water to drink; unless he seeks the Shelter of the forest or the mountain's shadow. The apothecaries' ordinance at Nuremberg provided that no Theriaca should in future be branded with the seal of the city unless it had been previously examined and declared worthy of the same by the doctors of medicine, and that every druggist must know the age of the Theriaca he sold. Jessi had no idea what Jonny might want with her, unless he intended to kill her as a final penalty. It is to be noted that only traces of the aromatic amines are produced by heating the halogen substituted benzenes with ammonia, unless the amino group be situated in the side chain, as in the case of benzylamine. None of these may be sold to any person who is unknown to the seller, unless introduced by a person known to the seller, and not until after an entry is made in a book kept for the purpose, stating, in the prescribed form, the date of sale, name and address of purchaser, the name and quantity of the article sold, and the purpose for which it is stated by the purchaser to be required. +(m -3) D 5(213) (214) (15) - (13) (14) (14), as= and and we see further that (alai +a2a2+...+amam) k vanishes identically unless (mod m). In the same spirit he opposed a scheme of military governments for the southern states, unless associated with a plan by which, upon the acceptance of prescribed conditions, they could release themselves from military rule and resume civil government. "It must be a lonely existence for her," she said, puzzled as to why he'd speak more highly of Darkyn than he had of Death. It had been stolen, so the police had no way of putting out a call for Nota and his friend unless someone in the neighborhood had sharp eyes. Unless … you gave up your bond but she didn.t give up hers. No. Unless - Maybe he was upset at being caught picnicking with his housekeeper. Is there some way to restrict the man from seeing Alex unless I'm here? "You will feel cold if you don't wear a coat." Deep down in the burrows dwell the viscachas, from which in frequented districts they seldom emerge till evening, unless to drink after a shower. Both of the sentences above have an independent and a dependent clause. Every hypothesis must be tested by an appeal to the facts of life, and modified or abandoned if it will not bear examination, unless we are convinced on genuine evidence that it may for a time be employed as a useful approximation, without prejudice to the later stages of the investigation we are conducting. " A player cannot attain perfection unless he devotes himself to regular practice. The loss of energy could not be greater than this on the simple kinetic theory, unless there were some evolution of latent heat of co-aggregation, due to the work done by the mutual attractions of the co-aggregating molecules. Read the following sentences. No student can get very high marks unless he has every subject at his finger tips. Even carrying a White God, Jenn couldn't explain Sofi's pregnancy accelerating so fast, unless …"Wait, exactly how long have you been here?". He should not speak about himself unless he is asked to do so. CK 1 2028386 I won't tell anyone unless you want me to. Sentences containing the word if are called conditional sentences because they usually express a condition.. 5. Past. He could sell a slave-hostage, unless she 'were a slave-girl who had borne her master children. (p g p, g p, g3 ���) = I; while D rs f =o unless the part rs is involved in f. We cannot, however, say that it is an invariant unless it is expressible in terms of the real coefficients. Unless you work hard, you will not succeed. (p -a)(b2 -a2) U i p(b2 +a2) +0-(b2-a2)' (23) (19) (21) (14) (15) (16) X =-7rUa U, U -p(bz +a2) +0_(b2-a2), 2g 2g, (3) so that cavitation will take place, unless the head at a great distance exceeds this loss. Unless my son finish his homework, He can’t go out. You will not succeed unless you attempt it once more. But he knew too much of the English to suppose they would Tolerate an armed invasion, and he accordingly made it clear that he would not undertake active interference unless he received a definite invitation from leading Englishmen. Ores are smelted raw if the fall of matte (metallic sulphide) does not exceed 5%; otherwise they are subjected to a preliminary oxidizing roast to expel the sulphur, unless they run too high in silver, say 100 oz. This obligation makes the landlord responsible for any lawful eviction of the tenant during the term, but not for wrongful eviction unless he is himself the wrongdoer or has expressly made himself responsible for evictions of all kinds. Unless you have someone you'd rather take? Not unless someone can withstand the release of his mind magic. Unless Sasha posed a direct threat to the Council, Kris was forbidden from buying an assassination, despite suspecting his brother wasn.t as innocent as he proclaimed. 25 sentence examples: 1. Why not ask Dad - unless he was afraid Dad would get the wrong idea. I shall not help you unless you promise to work very hard. Hydriodic acid reduces it to hexamethylene" (cyclo-hexane or hexa-hydro-benzene); chlorine and bromine form substitution and addition products, but the action is slow unless some carrier such as iodine, molybdenum chloride or ferric chloride for chlorine, and aluminium bromide for bromine, be present. He won’t go to sleep unless you tell him a story. You'll be sick unless you stop eating. Unless I missed something, there is no way to link to footnotes, or organize them except by hand here. Our regions will not be natural unless they mark out real discontinuities both of origin and affinity, and these we can only seek to explain by reference to past changes in the earths history. You can't be a part of his world, unless you understand what he is. No candidate can be returned unless he obtains more than half the votes given and more than one-sixth of the total number on the register; otherwise a second ballot must be 1898-1899.19021903. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. In cold climates men coming from the warm atmosphere of a mine, often in wet clothing, are liable to suffer in health unless proper provision is made for the necessary change of clothing. I shall not go to see a film unless you allow me. We may regard it as a supplement or appendix to the Principe and the Discorsi, since Machiavelli held it for a fundamental axiom that states are powerless unless completely armed in permanence. Neither sell your stubble nor move it from the ground unless you need it for thatching. Sea snakes do not bite man unless he touches them. He paced again, wondering why Sasha would put a human in his zoo, unless this was the worst human in the world. Change the narration He said, “Goodbye! "Interesting. b. A freedman, unless he became such by operation of law, remained client of his master, and both were bound by the mutual obligations arising out of that relation. Unless you study dilligently, you'll never understand trigonometry. "Our life together starts right now. The fore limbs grow simultaneously, and even more rapidly, but remain concealed within a diverticulum of the branchial chambers until fully formed, when they burst through the skin (unless the left spiraculum be utilized for the egress of the corresponding limb). She seemed nervous and her open smile was less in evidence, unless speaking of her daughter. Her words puzzled me very much because I did not then understand anything unless I touched it. Unless suitable fresh air inlets are provided, this form of stove will cause the room to be draughty, the strong current of warm air up the flue drawing cold air in through the crevices in the doors and windows. Not unless someone goes out and gets him. At the same time it cannot be denied that these maps, unless the contours are inserted at short intervals, lack graphic expression. Unlikely, since he only gets one, unless he planned on dying dead soon. 3. Claudius Marcellus was then in command of the Roman army in Sicily, and he threatened the Syracusans with attack unless they would get rid of Epicydes and Hippocrates, the heads of the anti-Roman faction. Examples. Kekule's formula (III), on the other hand, is in full agreement (Baeyer). Unless you wanna leave my blood monkey alone. When the Yugoslays placed various conditions upon their acceptance, they were bluntly informed that unless they accepted within four days, France and Britain would authorize the literal execution of the Treaty of London, thus leaving Fiume to Yugoslavia, but all northern Dalmatia in Italian hands (Jan. We conclude that a double line cannot be fairly resolved unless its components subtend an angle exceeding that subtended by the wave-length of light at a distance equal to the horizontal aperture. Orders of the Commission became effective within such time, not less than thirty days, as the Commission should prescribe, and penalties began to take effect from the date fixed by the Commission, unless the carrier secured an injunction from the Court suspending the order. He will not be paid unless he finishes the job. cit.). at the beginning or at the end of the conditional sentence)? A powerful section contended that the basis should be the body of legal voters, on the ground that the South could not then secure an increment of political powet on account of the emancipated blacks unless these blacks were admitted to political rights. wide on each side of the trans-Siberian railway was absolutely prohibited in 1895, and the extent of crown lands sold to a single person or group of persons never exceeds 1080 acres unless an especially useful industrial enterprise is projected, and in that case the maximum is fixed at 2700 acres.

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